What should I do if my transfers aren't Printing Properly?

First off, iff you have a problem printing any transfer. STOP. Do not continue printing the order until you know what is causing the issue.

There are three basic requirements every transfer must use in order to apply properly.

Temperature - Verify your machine is set and is reaching the recommended temperature for the specific product type.

Time - The instructions show a range of typically between 7-10 seconds. This time is based on the upper platen making contact with the transfer and the fabric substrate. Time can be adjusted up and down based on the amount of pressure your machine can achieve.

Pressure - It is important that your heat press machine is able to generate enough pressure to make the transfer bond properly to the shirt as well as release from the paper. You can have either too much pressure or too little pressure.

We’re available if you need help! We ask that you contact us via the Facebook messenger link and provide a photograph of the issue you are having.