Drop Shipping Information

Drop shipping, allows The Loft to fulfill orders to customers on your behalf. If you intend to fulfill orders using drop shipping, you must always:

1. Choose shirt (s) size(s) and color(s). 
2. Choose desired transfer(s) 

3. Make sure that you click "Drop Ship" on the product page, so that the fee is processed properly. The fee is $1.50. This covers our time and material. 

Change your address to reflect your customers address. We can't change, cancel, or exchange any order if you do not do this.

Each one of your customers must be a separate order. You cannot combine your orders into one, unfortunately they must be separated.

*if a customer is getting more than one shirt/transfer please indicate in the notes portion which shirt goes to which transfer. 

Example Order #00987 will be for 1 medium “I’m bitching too” , to Sam... NOT order #00987 will be 1 medium “I’m bitching too” Sam and 2XL “I’m bitching too” to Kim. You would need to separate orders to reflect two separate customers and two shipping addresses. 


Transfers will be free with each tshirt purchase. 


Please ask if you have any questions!