Disclaimers / Mockup Policy

You are free to use our mockups however, all mockups MUST be watermarked. Please leave our watermark on the image, and feel free to apply your own over it.

Mock-Up Disclaimer

Our mockups are professionally designed by photographers and digital artists. While we strive to use color accurate materials, some of the image colors may slightly differ than how the final pressed images appear. This is due to multiple factors including what device or computer monitor you are viewing the mock-up on, and also the physical shirt and heat press temperature combination used to create the final product. For visibility, or to best accentuate the design, our mock-ups may not always show the exact print size. Always use the design measurements when deciding on application fit size.

Trademark Disclaimer

While we strive to do our best research and planning before every design, we are not responsible for any trademark violations associated with designs purchased from The Loft. Please make sure and do your own research and feel free to message us with any issues.